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Throw away games - footballer

West Ham keeper sounds cross.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

West Ham United goalkeeper Robert Green reckons the quality of England football would be higher if videogames didn't exist.

"We would have the best team if we could go into every household and throw away every PlayStation, Xbox and video game," he said, adding his thoughts (it says here) to the debate about what went wrong when England failed to qualify for Euro 2008 last week.

"Other countries seem to bring on world-class players, countries like Argentina and Brazil where often it's football or nothing," he said. "In contrast we live in a country where we have choices and perhaps the will to do it, the need to escape your own situation, is not so clear."

A view, as the Guardian pointed out, probably not shared by his England pals Wayne Rooney, John Terry "and other gurning care-nowts [peddling] precisely such brain-rot to the bloated masses".

What do you reckon, bloated masses?

For a start, you probably reckon I shouldn't have put "brian-rot" when I first published this.

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