Pro Evolution Soccer 2008


Pro Evo to work with motion control tech

Seabass looking at Natal and PS3 wand.

Pro Evo 2009 confirmed for autumn

New controls, moves and online options.

Review | PSP Roundup

The brilliant Fading Shadows, PES 2008 and others.

Pro Evo to work with motion control tech

Seabass looking at Natal and PS3 wand.

Pro Evo 2009 confirmed for autumn

New controls, moves and online options.

Review | PSP Roundup

The brilliant Fading Shadows, PES 2008 and others.

PES cheater booted from cash tournament

Respect the rules, says Konami.

Digital Foundry | Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Nine

DMC4, The Club, Turok, FIFA Street, PES, Juiced.

Review | DS Roundup

PES 2008, Brain Challenge, Mega Man ZX Advent, Paint By DS, Cooking Mama 2.

PES 2008 Wii date, control details

Team of Miis, new shots, Crouchigol.

PES to make Wii debut in March

Konami gone to some effort.

Anti-drink drive ads for Live

These people, cool are they?

PES 2008 patched

On 360 and PS3.

Throw away games - footballer

West Ham keeper sounds cross.

Konami on PES PS3 issues

Workarounds and apologies.

PES 2008 still top of UK charts

Sells twice as much as FIFA.

PC PES 2008 patched

Lag issues fixed. Woo.

PES 2008 demo on PSN

Plus PS Eye games, more.

PES 2008 tops UK chart

PS2 version leads sales.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

And they're fighting like beavers!

PES 2008 PC demo

By mutual consent.

PES 2008 demo on Live

Goal! Goal! Goal!

PES 2008 dated

"Greatest of all time".

GC: Best Of winners revealed

Crysis, BioShock, PES 2008.

PES heading to Wii

Look out for it next year.

Michael Owen fronts PES 08

A "real coup for Konami".

PES 08 at Games Convention

Konami reveals line-up.

Pro Evo 2008 unveiled

With new "Teamvision" AI.