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PES 2008 DS/PSP details

And dates.

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Konami has broken down in front of everyone and confessed to how the DS and PSP versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 work and when they're out.

According to the Japanese publisher, people like you will be able to buy both of them in Q1 2008, with PS3, 360, PS2 and PC versions already on the market.

The PSP version is said to have "a lot in common" with the PS2 version, including tournaments and leagues and a new World Tour mode "wherein users are set a series of challenges as they tour the globe".

A full Edit mode is in there, and the data-sharing element now allows you to swap Master League, League, World Tour and Cup Mode data between the PSP and PS2 versions so players can "continue building their team while away from their home system".

Meanwhile, the DS version has Exhibition, Penalty Shoot-Out and Konami Cup, a World Tour variant and a network mode for four-player multiplayer games.

You can also swap players with friends and collect coins to buy the world's best players perhaps like Fernando "Liverpool have their very own Thierry Henry" Torres.

So look out for those in Q1.

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