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PES to make Wii debut in March

Konami gone to some effort.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has narrowed down the Pro Evolution Soccer debut on Wii to March.

Unsurprisingly Wiimote gestures will control a large part of the game: you point and drag to dribble, use deft shakes to do skill moves, and point at players to receive passes, steering them into space if needs be.

The Nunchuk lets you tackle and rush your keeper of his line, and the d-pad lets you pick tactical options as you go. Sounds fiddly to us.

All of the usual game modes are stuffed in here, on top of an exclusive Champions Road competition where you take your chosen team all around the world to take part in leagues.

Unusually you receive players from defeated teams and gain experience points to boost their abilities after games, unlocking new skills by achieving things like hat-tricks in matches.

Wii support is in, too, so you can make your team look like you and up-to 15 of your mates, and you can play friends or strangers online, and even share team data over the WiiConnect24 Channel.

Sounds like Konami has gone to quite a lot of effort here. Eyeball the recent Pro Evolution Soccer Wii trailer to see what's what.

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