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PES 2008 demo on Live

Goal! Goal! Goal!

Konami has smashed a lovely 1.18GB Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo right into the face of Xbox Live.

It will give you a chance to try out what Konami is calling “the greatest football game of all time”.

That might be because there's this new adaptive computer brain thing (Teamvision), which learns and adjusts its tactics to counter yours. Bastard.

Or it could be because Konami has been hard at work polishing up the graphics and refining the gameplay, even fitting a proper edit mode into the 360 version this time around.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 will be released for 360, PS3, PC and PS2 on 26th October.

Tick tock; that's a month later than deadly rival FIFA. It's like Vieira against Keane all over again. Which will run the midfield this year, we wonder.