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PES 08 at Games Convention

Konami reveals line-up.

Konami has put its name on the Leipzig Games Convention list this afternoon, where it promises to show Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on PS3 for the first time ever.

Those of you heading out there (we're going too, you know) will also be able to go hands-on with the Xbox 360, PC and other versions of the game, too.

Showing off one of its biggest titles will characterise what the publisher is insisting will be a strong presence at this year's show. Koji Igarashi will be there to show off Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for PSP, for example, as will Silent Hill Origins overseer William Oertel to "unveil the future of the series".

"We will witness one of the most exciting system changes ever at this year's Games Convention," said Martin Schneider, spokesperson for Konami in Germany. "We can promise visitors and gamers in Leipzig that Konami will play a major role in this gaming year - delivering new games and additions to popular franchises, while producing exciting games for new systems and established formats."

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