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FIFA 08 PC demo

Put your foot in it.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

FIFA 08 is now available for you to sample in playable demo form over on the game's official website.

There's no sign of it on Xbox Live or PSN at the time of writing, but don't be surprised if it "pitches" up at some point. Guffaw.

FIFA 08 may be the latest of many attempts by EA to rejuvenate its ageing football series, but we were definitely impressed with the steps taken when EA Canada invited us over to have a go earlier this year.

Following on from FIFA 07's full engine revamp, 08 introduces a lot of the features that that game was missing - including an intuitive and versatile trick system that gives you precise control over the things that players like Ronaldinho are able to conjure.

Meanwhile, tangibly better AI and other complementary systems improve the general quality of play for everybody who isn't Barcelona's toothy favourite. So give it a go - and let them know what you think, since we know they read what you say.

The full version of FIFA 08 is due out on (deep breath) PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, PS2, PSP and DS on 28th September.

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