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EA unveils Wii stabilisers

Easy controls for beginners.

EA has added a new feature to its sports games to help beginners and advanced users play together on Wii.

It's called Family Play and it will be included in FIFA 08, Madden NFL 08, and NBA LIVE 08.

With it you'll be able to choose between two control options, Advanced or Family Play. The first is a simplified method that lets you dictate key actions such as passing, shooting and throwing using big, clear gestures - with the rest of the responsibility handed neatly over to the AI.

And for those of you confident enough to kick away the stabilisers there's the Advanced option, which lets you regain full control of your players.

"EA Sports Family Play on the Wii creates an incredibly accessible and user-friendly experience that the whole family will enjoy," said Dave McCarthy (not our one!), executive producer for the three games at EA Canada. "While many fans love to control every piece of the action, novice players can have just as much fun jumping in to throw a touchdown pass, nail a three pointer or take a shot on goal."

"Family Play brings together fans of all ages to enjoy playing EA Sports games, and even lets them ease in to Advanced play if they desire."

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