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Payday 2 dev Overkill offers update on Switch version, shows it running in portable mode

"Special treat" coming for all Switch owners.

Overkill Software has offered a progress report on the development of Payday 2 for Nintendo Switch, and a brief look at some gameplay running in portable mode.

Payday 2 was announced for Switch during a Nintendo Direct back in April. At the time, Overkill said that its heist-themed multiplayer FPS was scheduled to arrive this "winter".

With winter almost upon us (sigh) and still no word on Payday 2's release, Overkill has returned. Sadly, its update video doesn't offer much beyond what we knew already - merely serving as a reminder, and a reassurance, that the Switch version is still in production.

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There are a few morsels of new information, however. Most significant is the first look at Payday 2 running on Switch in both portable and tabletop mode. There's also confirmation that this Nintendo version will offer a revamped interface and touchscreen support.

Payday 2 is still on target to release this "winter", producer Almir Listo says in the video, and there will be a "special treat" for all Payday 2 Switch players, to be revealed at a later date.

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