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GTFO developer 10 Chambers has a co-op heist FPS in "pre-production"

"This game is a game that just has to be made."

GTFO developer 10 Chambers has confirmed its next game will be a "techno-thriller" co-op heist shooter that "just has to be made".

In an interview with NME at Gamescom, 10 Chambers' creative director and CEO Ulf Andersson said that after working on Payday and Payday 2 before leaving for make GTFO with 10 Chambers, he still yearns to work on another heist game, saying "it feels like an unclosed chapter".


"So for me, this game is a game that just has to be made," Andersson said. "I’m back on the heist shit, basically – so it’s a heist cooperative FPS, and it has a sort of a techno-thriller theme. I read a lot of sci-fi books, and so imagine everything that cyberpunk is inspired by, and a ton of other shit.

"This one won't be constant shooting," he added, reflecting on his days with Payday developer Overkill and emphasising that player agency is key. "Payday had a massive problem where the action would ramp up and then it would just stay ramped up.

"If you think about Left 4 Dead, it’s awesome with the drama, but it doesn’t feel like things are happening because of you. It feels like the players were lucky they were there. That’s not how it should be, it should be like, we decided to do this shit."

As yet there's no name or release date, chiefly because Andersson admits things may change. Consequently, the team is keen not to "miss a deadline or overpromise", so with the game only in "pre-production", it may be some time before we get any more information.

"We haven't put a name on it because we might change it, [and] we don’t want to miss a deadline or overpromise. We’re in pre-production at the moment, but things are ramping up quite fast."

Developer 10 Chambers Collective is a studio whose members previously worked on both the first Payday game and its sequel. Its last game, GTFO, is described as a co-operative action/horror FPS for up to four players, and promises "edge-of-your-seat suspense, team-based puzzle-solving and high-intensity combat".

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