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Starbreeze has plans for Payday live-action adaptation

"Just look at the success of The Last of Us, Halo, and The Witcher all based on well-known games."

Image credit: Starbreeze Studios

Payday developer Starbreeze has released its financial reports from the last quarter of 2022, which detail its plans for the future of Payday and new projects.

Development on Payday 3 remains "according to plan" and is expected to make its target release window of this year with a games-as-a-service model.

The reports also laid out Starbreeze's plans over the coming years, including new franchises and multimedia ventures.

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Payday 3 logo reveal.

The company has partnered with production company Stockholm Syndrome to extend Payday into TV or film. In a public statement, Stockholm Syndrome's CEO Greg Lipstone cited the success of HBO's The Last of Us and Netflix's The Witcher as perfect timing for a live-action adaptation of the Payday universe.

As well as branching out into other media, Starbreeze is looking to expand its portfolio of IPs. In the report, it is stated that work on a new original IP is "ongoing", but the company is also interested in acquiring and licensing existing IP, akin to Embracer's recent pursuits.

Starbreeze's earnings report and presentation are available to view on the studio's website.

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