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No level cap in next Fallout?

Bethesda says it's learned its lesson.

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Bethesda has hinted that the next Fallout game may not have a level cap - and might be playable infinitely.

MTV asked executive producer Todd Howard what the greatest lesson learned from Fallout 3's development was, as an indication of what we might expect from Fallout 4.

"Greatest lesson? Don't let the game end, and don't have a level cap," he answered.

There's no way of knowing how serious Howard was being, but it's a mouth-watering thought for Fallout fans all the same.

The developer expressed an intention to make several Fallout games even before Fallout 3 sold like hot cakes last year. There's no indication of a date for Fallout 4, or even confirmation it's in development yet, so sit tight.

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