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Nintendo loves "insatiable" hardcore

But doesn't ever want to satisfy it.

Nintendo of America bigwig Denise Kaigler has cheekily admitted she doesn't want hardcore gamers' appetites to ever be satisfied on Wii, because then she would have nothing to do.

"I will give you that hardcore gamers have an insatiable appetite for everything Nintendo, and we love that! We love that," she told Bitmob. "When we get to a point where core gamers say, 'OK, Nintendo, enough! We don't need any more games from you guys...' None of us wants to be put in that position, right?

"We don't want your appetite to ever be satisfied, because when we satisfy you, it's time for us to go, 'OK! Let's go on home now!' And none of us wants to go home.

"So there's this sort of fun relationship, I think, that's happening between Nintendo and the hardcore gamer, which we enjoy and hope that the core gamer enjoys it," she added.

Kaigler said the unveiling of Zelda: Spirit Tracks at GDC was Satoru Iwata's way of saying, "Yes, Nintendo wants you to know that we are absolutely still committed to providing game experience that you care about."

She also challenged the "hardcore" and "core" labels, and asked if we liked being told what told enjoy.

"Or do you want to be part of a broader community that wants to have fun, that wants to be surprised, that wants to have this immersive experience in games that you can't find any place else?" she said.

Feed us, Denise, we're hungry.

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