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Nintendo Classic Mini NES back in stock, under £50

At least, for now.

Back before there were rumours of a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition and even before last year's release of the SNES Classic Edition, there was the unmitigated mess that was the launch of Nintendo's first tiny retro console - the Nintendo Classic Mini. Originally launched in November 2016, you may remember that the NES Classic sold out instantly and eBay resellers spent the next year or so charging absurd amounts of money for them. Good times.

Now, however, Nintendo is living up to its promise of making more units in order to satisfy the market demand and we've been gradually seeing more and more NES Classic Mini consoles hitting store shelves. Better still, this influx of stock is now making it possible for some retailers to knock a little money off the top, too.

Head to Base at the moment and you'll be able to grab one of these things for marginally less than they were originally sold for, £48.85. In contrast, a NES Classic at Amazon will cost you £62 at the moment. The official Nintendo UK store seems to have stock up for £49.99 as well if you'd prefer to buy it direct.

Meanwhile, over at Jelly Deals, you'll find the roundup of today's best deals, which includes a real swanky looking Nintendo Switch carrying case, Persona 5 for £23.99, 4K LG TVs, and more.