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Japanese PS3 March unveiling canned

Sony denies development problems, says next-gen console will still be on show at E3; world crosses fingers just in case.

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Sony has helpfully chosen the last day of March to announce the cancellation of a March PlayStation 3 preview event in Japan

According to Reuters Japan, in a report partially translated by US website GameSpot, general details about the next generation PlayStation were going to be revealed at the event, with the console itself going on show for the first time at this year's E3.

But Sony told Reuters that it had decided to cancel as holding the event so soon "would pressure game publishers". The company was quick to point out that the cancellation did not mean development was falling behind, and said that it is still planning to exhibit the new console in May.

There was also a suggestion that a different pre-E3 briefing could still take place - this would make sense, since it's become traditional for Sony to hold special previews in the days running up to the Expo.

Rivals Microsoft and Nintendo are also expected to debut their next-generation consoles at E3, which kicks off in LA on May 17.

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