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PSP gets WMA, RSS support

Firmware update for US/Japan.

Sony's released another software upgrade for PlayStation Portable, adding RSS support, WMA playback, simplified Chinese language support, and the ability to save DRM'd video direct to Memory Stick from within a web browser, much as you might do having purchased it on the PC.

Right now the update's only available to folks in Japan and the Americaland but should be accessible through Sony Europe's Yourpsp.com Flash aberration at some point soon (click Help & Advice, then PSP System Software Update is linked from the centre-bottom of the applet).

It's also worth noting that if you install 2.60 you will be even more cut off from homebrew development, assuming that sort of thing interests you, and that while this new firmware does add a degree of WMA support, it doesn't currently allow WMA9 Pro, WMA9 Lossless or copy-protected WMA playback. Finally, slightly oddly, you'll apparently need a net connection to enable WMA playback in the first place.