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7 Sins set to dirty up PC, PS2

Get up to all manner of filthy doings in Apple City, a wretched hive of scum and villainy if ever there was one.

UK publisher Digital Jesters has signed up to publish 7 Sins, a saucy new title from Monte Cristo (the developers, not the Count of).

The game is set in low-down-and-dirty Apple City, where all the inhabitants seem to care about is making money, getting famous and boffing each other all day long.

There are seven different chapters to complete as you work your way up the ranks, tackling challenges, playing mini-games and seducing and/or manipulating pretty much everyone you meet. It's all about following the 7 Sins rules of survival, which include "Covet thy neighbour's wife", "Love nobody but yourself" and "Wallow in unbridled lust". And why not.

Screenshots on the game's website suggest we can expect a bit of S&M action, some good hard slapping and a mini-game involving the manipulation of a naked lady's breasts. Well now.

7 Sins will be available for PC and PS2 in May 2005. Rumours of an add-on called S Club 7 Sins, in which you get to see the small blonde one lezzing up with Rachel Stevens, are probably rubbish.