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Rush for Berlin demo available

Try out the multiplayer modes.

A new demo has been released for Rush For Berlin, Stormregion's World War II RTS for PC.

Up to four players can take part in multiplayer matches, and you can choose from the three factions featured in the full game - the Allies, who have plenty of resources, the Germans, who have better technology, and the Russians, who can produce infantry cheaply and quickly.

There are five multiplayer modes in the full game, but the demo only allows you to try out two. First up is R.U.S.H., which stands for Relentlessly Utilised Score Hunt. Basically you have to rush to occupy various targets, which earns you points - whoever scores the most within the time limit, or reaches the preset score target first, wins the match.

Then there's deathmatch, which sees you fighting your way through the enemy front with the goal of eliminating all the other players' units.

To download the demo, visit the official Rush For Berlin website. The full game is out tomorrow.

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