Rush for Berlin

Rush for Berlin

Rush for Berlin

German capital hosts 1945 World Cup final.

If you ever want to learn the meaning of the old adage 'Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind' read a good history of the Third Reich. In 1945, the tide of evil that Hitler had unleashed on the Soviet Union in '41 rolled back into the Fatherland like a karmic tsunami. The unstoppable Red Army, taught to look upon Germany as the lair of the beast, stormed through neat and prosperous Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia, destroying, looting and raping as it went. Insane orders from Berlin forced tens of thousands of Axis soldiers and Volkssturm (a civil defence force of old men and boys) to stand in its path and perish. The horror and the suffering was unimaginable...

And completely unsuitable for a PC strategy game, hence Rush For Berlin, another entertaining if unadventurous RTS that works hard to replicate the look and the sound of WW2 battles but shows no interest whatsoever in the tactics or the trauma.

Like Stormregion's previous output (the Codename Panzers titles) this is a game where you can safely skip the tutorials and leave the manual in the box. With a sleek, friendly interface and no base-building or economics, play pretty much boils down to shepherding herds of infantry and tanks around attractive 3D battlefields. Sometimes you'll seize a barracks or a factory (these allow you to produce reinforcements) occasionally you'll activate officer abilities, or call in an artillery barrage or air attack, but most of the time it's attack-move, attack-move, attack-move until the job gets done.

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