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Mega Drive on PS3 in doubt

SEGA says it can't confirm.

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Comments during Ken Kutaragi's keynote to the effect that Mega Drive and TurboGrafx games would be available to download via PlayStation 3 appear to have been misinterpreted.

At least that's what SEGA reckons, having released a statement in Japan, picked up by IGN, which says, "Distribution of Mega Drive content through [PS3] e-Distribution is something that cannot be formally announced by our company. We're now at the step of looking into it."

SEGA has confirmed that it will be offering certain Mega Drive titles through Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console, with Sonic the Hedgehog also pledged to Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade, but it sounds like Kutaragi was speculating on the possibility of a similar push on PS3, rather than confirming one.

As to why it was interpreted that way in the first place - our money's on the headset translation offered to English-speaking journalists during the conference, which wasn't quite in command of all the salient details of Kutaragi's address.

The PS3 price drop, for example, didn't hit headlines until after the keynote concluded and Japanese-language wires started reporting it.

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