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Majesco goes after your brain

More trainers for the DS.

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Nintendo DS owners whose brains are still rubbish can look forward to another couple of opportunities to sort that out in November.

That's when Majesco plans to launch its own line-up of brain-training games, based on the work of Dr. Makoto Shichida, whose Right Brain Development Theory forms the backdrop to the Brain Boost game series in much the same way Professor Kawashima's brain-training books do for Nintendo's alternative.

The first two games in the series, developed by Interchannel-Holon and published at US$ 19.99, are called Brain Boost: Beta Wave and Brain Boost Gamma Wave, and each aims to improve memory, concentration and judgement by stimulating the right brain.

Beta Wave will concentrate itself on shape-recognition, addition, remembering sequences and moving dot tasks, apparently, while Gamma Wave's more bothered about perception and problem-solving, and remembering things like faces, images, numbers and colours.

Whether they'll manage to deliver all that as humorously and engagingly as Nintendo did with its multi-million-selling Brain Age/Training series, though, will be the issue.

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