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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Gears can rival Mario - Rein

Why stop with three, he says.

Following suggestions that Gears of War is to end up a trilogy, Mark Rein has gone one further and suggested it could go on for as long as Mario or even Final Fantasy.

"Gears is a trilogy? If we can keep making quality games that fans obviously want then why would we have to stop at three," Epic's vice president mused on the company forum.

"I don't see the Metal Gear Solid, Mario, Grand Theft Auto or Final Fantasy series (among others) stopping at three and they're still delivering compelling entertainment content that's easily worth the money (see Unreal Tournament as well).

"There's definitely, as many of you have pointed out, a lot more to learn about what's really happening on the planet Sera and in the lives of the members of Delta Squad," he added.

Meanwhile, Rein says the team is "working hard to support Gears of War" with "some great enhancements" due before too long. "We're not ready to provide any details yet but I assure you we're on the job," he added.