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EA buys Phenomic

RTS studio joins up.

Software giant Electronic Arts has announced its acquisition of German development studio Phenomic, creators of Settlers and Spellforce, amongst other titles.

The studio will remain based in Engelheim, Germany, and is said to be focusing on Real Time Strategy titles for EA, although no specific new game announcements have been made at this time.

Paul Lee, president of EA's Worldwide Studios, commented: "The team at Phenomic is an outstanding group of developers. Their track record for building quality RTS games and creating original IP is impressive, and we share a strong common vision for the future of the strategy gaming market."

"We're looking forward to working with them on a new project that will be announced at a later date, and are delighted to welcome them to the EA family," Lee concluded.

"We've always been passionate about creating games with a focus on quality, innovation and fun, and EA has the same philosophy for game making," added Boris Kunkel, Phenomic MD.

"Being part of EA will help us turn our vision for future games into reality."

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