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Bad Company for PC and PSP?

Euro press release hints at it.

Only a day after EA and Digital Illusions confirmed Battlefield: Bad Company would be storming next-gen consoles in 2007, rumours suggest the PC and PSP will also receive their very own versions of the hit first-person shooter.

Clutching at a line from an official Swedish Digital Illusions press release that roughly translates as "more information about PC - and PSP - versions will be presented at a latter occasion," our old friend Internet Reports has been happy to take it as gospel.

The latest title in the franchise will feature more single-player focused content, as players go behind enemy lines to steal gold, kick ass and whoop at headshots.

There's been no confirmation from either publisher Electronic Arts or Digital Illusions on the validity of PSP and PC iterations of the title, but that's probably because they're swanning around Leipzig being really important.

We'll bring you confirmation or cold water, as soon as it's available.

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