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BF2 Euro Force weapon details

Booster Pack shots and stats.

EA and DICE have released shots of Battlefield 2: Euro Force, the first of two planned "Booster Packs" for BF2 due out via digital distribution, and also talked about the seven new weapons included in the package on the new European Army side.

Those weapons are the semi-auto Benelli M4 shotgun (carried by Engineer), the FAMAS assault rifle (Medic), the P90 (Anti-Tank), the big old HK21 (Support), the HK53A3 assault rifle (Spec Ops), the L96A1 sniper rifle (Sniper), and the SA80 L85A2 (Assault), an upgraded variant of the British SA80 assault rifle that soldiers always complain about on the news.

DICE also talked a little about each. The Benelli was chosen as "a compromise between the full auto Saiga-12 and the Remington," while the HK53A3 is described as "the stereotypical 'special operations' type of weapon" and the SA80 upgrade with grenade launcher was "the perfect fit" in "looking for the assault to carry a very common EU gun".

Euro Force is due to go on sale on February 8th priced £5.99 or €9.99 outside the UK from www.downloader.ea.com. Along with seven new weapons, it'll have four new vehicles and three new maps, too - Operation Smoke Screen, The Great Wall of China and Taraba Quarry. Euro Force will be followed on March 28th by another Booster Pack, Armored Fury, more details of which can be found elsewhere.

We'll let you know how the packs work out.

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