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BF2 Euro Force delayed?

Seems so. But not too much.

EA has yet to clarify when its planned Battlefield 2: Euro Force "Booster Pack" is actually coming out.

The pack had been down for release on February 8th, but an EA UK admin posted on the official forums suggesting it had been "pushed back".

And now nobody seems to be saying anything. There's little else on the official forum about it that we can find and EA UK still hasn't answered our request a couple of days later.

By the looks of it though, Euro Force will still come out in February. The idea was to release it through EA's Steam-esque Downloader app, and the page for that still lists Euro Force as "February" in all territories.

In the meantime, you can read stuff about the weapons or keep an eye on the official site for more.

We'll let you know when it and fellow Booster Pack "Armored Fury", allegedly due March 28th, materialise and what they're like.