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New Battlefield 2 patch test by Christmas

With Santa comes beta 1.5, says DICE.

DICE hopes to start an open beta for Battlefield 2 patch 1.5 before Santa stuffs himself down chimneys.

"The beta would be for everyone that wants to install it, the more people that do the better feedback we get and we don't have an update 1.30 again," said a spokesperson for the developer on the official forum (spotted by Blue's News).

"The plan is to get it out before Christmas yes."

There's no specific word on what will be in patch 1.5, although DICE has hinted at server stability and performance tweaks, plus plenty of fresh content.

The Swedish developer has come under fire for shonky implementation in the past, but then that's the point of public betas.

And yes, this is the same Battlefield 2 that was released back in 2005 when Tony Blair was still Prime Minister.

Fond memories of the online shooter include a Eurogamer (and EA) staff-versus-readers skirmish, which was quite embarrassing, particularly after our programmer drowned me and our designer in a lake. You lot never really stood a chance.

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