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BF2 expansion delayed again

Euro Farces!

No sooner had we gotten used to the idea of Battlefield 2: Euro Forces coming out today, than EA updated its website with news that, er, it isn't.

In fact, it's going to have to wait for patch 1.21, which we're waiting for because patch 1.2, which was holding up Euro Forces, had a bug in it, which they're "working around the clock" to sort out.

That's according to an update on the game's official website which, just for comedy effect, is currently unavailable.

Euro Forces is now delayed "until sometime after the release of the updated 1.21 patch" and goodness knows when that'll be. You will know though, because we'll tell you.

When it does eventually materialise, Euro Forces will be available only through EA's Steam-style "Downloader" service, and will introduce seven new weapons, four new vehicles and three new maps.

It'll be followed out there somewhere in the realms of the mysterious patch-dependent future by another Downloader-only expansion, Armored Fury. Probably.