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BF2 expansion due tomorrow

As Ben Kenobi almost said: Euro Force, look!

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EA's finally getting its war together over Battlefield 2 expansion Euro Forces, which is now due out tomorrow exclusively through EA's online Downloader service.

Having been delayed in order for the 1.2 patch to turn up, which it now has, EA's made it clear February 21st is the day.

Euro Forces is one of two planned download-only "Booster Packs" due through EA Downloader and will cost £5.99 or €9.99 depending on where you live - it has seven weapons, four new vehicles and three new maps.

It'll be followed at some point in the future by a second pack, Armored Fury, which was announced alongside it.

Meanwhile, in a bit of a pie-in-face turn-up, the patch that Euro Forces was delayed to allow for, 1.2, seems to be causing problems for people - crashing when people try to play a pair of the maps from boxed expansion Special Forces. EA says it's trying to solve the problem at the moment.

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