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LMA 2006 to kick off in October

Altogether now: "Football's just a branch of science..."

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Time to don that sheepskin coat and gold sovereign - or designer suit and wireframe spectacles, depending on your management style - because LMA Manager 2006 is coming to consoles this October.

The latest instalment in the Codemasters series is promising to mark "a defining moment for PS2 and Xbox football management games", with improved game mechanics, better visuals and a new database engine to make it "the most powerful edition yet."

There's a new Transfer Market system which promises more complicated contract negotiations, managers with clashing personalities and players who make their own decisions. And rather than replying to transfer offers with a plain old Yes or No, you can now opt to discuss contract clauses, staggered payment options, player-swap deals and transfers in advance.

The game also features 3D matches with more advanced animations that show players "shouting, jostling and gesturing." Star players get special skills such as overhead kicks, spins and turns, and managers can be seen taking charge from the dugout for the first time. They also get a new choice of tactics and more complex dugout shots.

Other new features include an improved player training system, restyled interface and stats screens, more teams at all levels, additional real-life stadia with plenty of customisation options, and online content sharing. Yes, we've come a long way since Subbuteo.

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