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Vietcong add-ons for PC, Xbox

Time for more jungle warfare with Charlie and chums, courtesy of developer Pterodon.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Czech developers Pterodon has announced the launch of two new add-ons for jungle shooter Vietcong Purple Haze.

First up is the Vietcong Red Dawn expansion pack for PC. It's currently featured on the coverdisc of PC Gamer magazine, but will also be available for free download from March 25th. The expansion features a new single-player mission, co-operative campaign, multiplayer maps and AI bots. Oh, and new theme music, so great news for Jefferson Airplane fans.

Owners of the Xbox version needn't feel left out - the In Country Multiplayer Map Pack is already available for download. It features two new multiplayer maps entitled 'Radio Relay' and 'The Bridge', both of which support capture the flag, deathmatch, real war and assault team game types. 'Radio Relay' also offers co-operative gameplay.

The In Country add-on can be downloaded via Xbox Live. Red Dawn will be available from the Pterodon website.

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