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New Super Mario Bros. dated

In US. Plus: a new puzzle game.

After last week's news that New Super Mario Bros. would be out in Japan this May, we all expected we'd have to wait a bit for its release in the West. Not so, says Nintendo today - NSMB will be out in American shops from May 7th.

Amazingly, NSMB sees the Princess kidnapped by Bowser! And Mario has to rescue her, but here he can also take on super size using giant mushrooms, and the whole game is drawn with impressive 3D models in 2D environments. It'll be the first major new Mario platform game for some time - and the DS's first original one.

Beyond NSMB, Nintendo's also quietly announced a new puzzle game, called Magnetica, which is due out in the US on June 5th. "In Magnetica, marbles roll down a twisted path toward the goal and it's up to players to stop them by launching new marbles into the oncoming ones. The marbles will disappear if players match three or more in this massive marble elimination. All actions are controlled with the stylus in this title that satisfies even the strongest puzzle addiction," says Nintendo's statement.

Sounds interesting - and doubtless we'll see something of it at this year's E3, which runs, ooh, just after NSMB is released. Guess we know where our trip money's going.