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UK Charts: Top ten receives Preys

But GTA remains the UK's best-selling game

Take-Two secures its fourth week at the top with GTA: Liberty City Stories, the publisher's long awaited FPS Prey marking this week's highest new entry at number 2.

Despite claiming the top spot on both the PC and Xbox 360 sales charts and originating some ten years ago as a PC concept, an astonishing 77 per cent of the sales were for the Xbox 360 version.

Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. slips a single place into third this week, though continued strong sales of the DS Lite and a relatively high attachment rate thanks to retail promotion could see the title climb again next week.

Fourth place belongs to the handheld versions of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which has enjoyed a four place leap and marks the highest entry for the numerous summer movie tie-ins, filling the charts in the wake of the World Cup fever.

Activision's Over The Hedge slips a couple of places from three to five, followed by Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training and Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - both of which slide a single position to rest in sixth and seventh place respectively.

EA clings to football glory with FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 down four places to number eight, and the bottom of the chart is taken up by more movie-related games with EA's Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II on Xbox 360 in at nine, Ubisoft's Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow making its debut at number ten.

Elsewhere in the charts, THQ stops to refuel, entering the all formats chart with Cars at number 16, although as we've seen with the other summer film franchises, the theatrical release is likely to give the game a significant boost in the coming weeks.

The remainder of the charts is as fickle as ever, a few climbers and all too many sliders making up the top forty as the summer kicks in, promotions help retailers shift some of the older titles and consumers await with bated breath the arrival of Sony and Nintendo's consoles and that "killer" game for Microsoft's machine.

This week the release schedule is all about sharp suits and sharper teeth, as Vivendi launches Miami Vice on PSP, and Majesco opens the gates to Jaws Unleashed on PC, PS2 and Xbox.

There's also Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth from Square Enix, the sequel for which has just taken Japan by storm, and GameCube owners can experience SEGA's latest iteration of its primate puzzler with Super Monkey Ball Adventure.

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