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UK Charts: Mafia takes bigger cut than Mario

Three weeks at the top for Rockstar.

No changes at the top of the chart this week, Rockstar retaining its grip on the number one position for a third consecutive week, leaving Mario waiting impatiently in second place once again.

Sales of GTA: Liberty City Stories on the PS2 and PSP have dropped by 32 per cent, but it's not enough to give Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. the step up it needs, so everyone's favourite moustachioed mascot remains locked in second - for another week at least.

Activision enjoys a climb of four places with Over The Hedge, which marches confidently into third place following the theatrical release of the animated movie, knocking FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 down one to number four.

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training, Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and Tomb Raider: Legend continue the downward slide, each losing a single position to secure fifth, sixth and seventh place respectively.

Disney makes a worthy debut at number eight with the handheld versions of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which is likely to see a positive sales increase now that the film is out in cinemas, as Activision have shown with their animated movie tie-in higher up the charts.

Number nine is home to Eidos' Hitman: Blood Money, SEGA making a promising debut at number ten with Xbox 360 mech title, Chromehounds.

New releases this week are thin on the ground, but there's sure to be a shake-up to the charts next week, as THQ's Cars hits handheld, PC and current-gen console platforms, whilst the Xbox 360 finally gets the hugely anticipated FPS title, Prey and EA's Tolkien epic, The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II.