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Koei talks up Xbox 360 debut

Of Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires.

Koei's planning to make its debut on Xbox 360 this summer with Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires, the publisher's announced. The game will also be released on PS2.

"Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires on Xbox 360 will be the most visually astounding game in the hugely popular Dynasty Warriors series to date," said Will Curley, UK sales manager, clearly aware that we'd been shipped some high definition 360 screenshots at the same time.

DW5E allows players to issue direct orders to officers or signal general commands to them on the field, as well as gathering them for ambushes. As not much of a DW fan myself, I can't comment on whether that's interesting, and I'm just going to blockquote this next bit, because I don't want to look like any more of a numpty:

"There's even greater authority over Government, Product Development, Diplomacy and Battle Tactics with the game's 25 new policies for a total of 75 in all." With four scenarios to unlock, two-player co-op (you can see it in the screenshots) in Empire and Free modes, lots of items and 200 officers.

"It will also offer Xbox 360 and PS2 gamers a much more strategically involving Dynasty Warriors experience, with tactical cunning and diplomatic manoeuvring just as important as your expertise out on the battlefield," says Curley.

Speaking of which, Koei's currently manoeuvring DW5E to be its fifth of the year following DW5 Xtreme Legends and Atelier Iris for PS2, Samurai Warriors on PSP, and G1 Jockey 4 on PS2.