Dynasty Warriors 5

Dynasty Warriors 5

Dynasty Warriors 5

Watch the Chinese population die-nastily. Again.

As the 'Dynasty Warriors' series has marched inexorably on, the raw numbers quotable for its various metrics (missions, characters, objects, etc.) have grown steadily with each release too. With this latest release, you will be forgiven for losing count or exaggerating the expanses. With this game it's hard to avoid that. Dynasty Warriors 5 is the, oooh, let's say the 39th 'Warrior' game in total that KOEI has committed to consoles - if you include the Samurai/Misc. Warriors games that fill the gaps between dynasties. There are 48 playable characters in this game, six entirely new, most borrowed from earlier incarnations.

Each character has 20+ missions available, through his own unique storyline, and each mission will involve hacking and performing deadly Son-et-Lumière spectacles for maybe hundreds of thousands of minions with a bizarre tendency to stand there and wait to die at your hands. A quick calculation shows that anybody who has played their way through all the games in this series could easily have hacked to death more than 12 billion people, or more than twice the population of the Earth.

For fans of this series of orgiastic frenzies of limb-hacking and metal-edged death, the good news is that the orgy goes on. And, sure, it's been altered a tadge to make you feel briefly that this a new game, and therefore is worth handing over another £35, but when you get down to it and put metal against guts, you realise it's not really a new game at all. It really is all alarmingly the same as before.

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