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Eurogamer hits 1.2m mark

Blows own trumpet some more.

Some leading UK consumer videogames website or other has announced the results of its latest independent traffic audit - and they're really rather impressive, as it goes.

During the month of May, 1.24 million unique users visited Eurogamer, according to the latest figures from ABC ELECTRONIC. And together, you racked up a massive 9.9 million page impressions.

That means our readership has grown by 27 per cent since the last audit back in October - and readers are spending much more time on the site, with traffic growth up 46 per cent over the same period. Time to give ourselves some "props", then.

"We are thrilled with the traffic increases recorded in the latest ABCE audit. The team behind the site has worked extremely hard and the figures show that dedication has paid off," said top Eurogamer business type Pat Garratt. Extra gruel for tea then!

"This latest set of results prove yet again that is the leading videogames publication in Britain. We would like to thank all of our partners and readers for such a fantastic level of support."

During the months between the two audits, we launched a number of new key features - including Eurogamer TV, our spanky streaming video service. We also introduced a Live Text system to bring you all the news direct from the show floor at the Game Developers Conference and E3.

We've got lots of exciting plans lined up for the next few months - but at the moment they're locked in a box marked LOTS OF EXCITING PLANS under Tom's bed. We'll bring you more details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, can I have a new hat now, please?