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Katamari PSP bonus details

Which we won't spoil out here. Plus: a noisy link!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The PSP version of Katamari Damacy includes a 2d side-scrolling mini-game version as a bonus, according to Famitsu.

The Me & My Katamari mini-game features graphics done up (or rather down) to resemble an 8-bit 2d game, although the idea remains the same - create a katamari by rolling it around.

Good news, then, for those of you hunting it down when it comes out in Japan this week on December 22nd.

Naturally the main game mode remains in 3d - and Namco's managed to recreate the PS2 games' dual analog controls by treating the d-pad and face buttons as a pair of d-pads instead, and mapping camera controls to the shoulders.

Apparently the plot of the game this time has to do with creating islands for homeless animals to live on. What does Phoenix Wright have to say about that? Let's see.

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