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Katamari PSP pre-order fun

Japan gets the Prince's head!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Japanese people pre-ordering My My Katamari, the PSP version of Namco's roll-everything-('em-)up, which is due out on December 22nd, will receive one of the coolest little freebies we've seen since that one time we were in Amsterdam and the sign wasn't very clear but we had a good time anyway following our initial surprise and alarm: it's a slip-case for the PSP in the shape of the Prince's head!

The offer's only open to the Japanese, sadly, but importers will probably pick up on it sooner or later. Hear that, importers? Pick up on it! And, with any luck, Namco will be nice enough to offer it to US and perhaps even European gamers at some point in the future.

Either way, My My Katamari's going to be interesting. We're not sure if Keita Takahashi's actually working on this one - after all, he seemed quite put out by having to develop the stupendously awesome We Love Katamari - but when we had a go on it at TGS it was shaping up fairly well. Controlling the Katamari was a case of treating the d-pad and face pad diamond on opposing sides of the screen as replacements for the PS2 version's dual analog controls, with shoulder buttons turning the camera.

We'll let you know what we make of it when we have it to make things of.

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