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Katamari coming to PSP

Yes! Europe's getting it too!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Namco and Electronic Arts have announced plans to bring the new PSP instalment in the Katamari Damacy series to Europe.

Me & My Katamari sees the King of All Cosmos, the Queen and the Prince taking a lovely holiday on their very own tropical island. But there's not much time to relax after a load of homeless animals turn up and ask for help - leaving the Prince in charge of creating new katamari islands for them to inhabit.

The PSP version will feature a Wi-Fi mode for up to four players, and a cast of characters that includes many new faces as well as old friends. There are lots of customisation options - you can give your character new masks and headgear, for example, and they can wear up to three accessories at a time. Plus the controls have been given an overhaul specially for the PSP.

But is there chance of a special pre-order gift like the ace Katamari slip case our Japanese friends were lucky enough to receive? EA was unavailable for comment but frankly, best not hold your breath.

Me & My Katamari is out next year.

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