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Bandai Namco files trademark for Tap My Katamari

UPDATE: Spin-off confirmed for iOS and Android.

UPDATE 23/12/2015 12.45am: Tap My Katamari has been confirmed as a 2D clicker-style spin-off for iOS and Android devices.

Publisher Bandai Namco released the following trailer for the upcoming Katamari title, which seems to task you with clicking to keep the famous collecty-ball rolling.

It appears to have some sort of in-game marketplace, though it's unclear if there will be micro-transactions or limit its shop to in-game currency.

Cover image for YouTube videoTap My Katamari - Official Trailer Jump Festa 2016

ORIGINAL STORY 01/12/2015 1.23am: Bandai Namco has filed a new trademark for something called Tap My Katamari with the Office for Harmonisation in the International Market. (Thanks, NeoGAF.)

The listing for this next entry in the wacky cosmic demolition series covers media as diverse as "Printed circuit boards for video game machines" to "coin-operated or non coin-operated amusement machines" to "hand-held electronic games".

The title Tap My Katamari suggests a touchscreen interface, meaning it will likely be a mobile game, but the various mentions of "amusement machines" hint that it's going to be an arcade game. Maybe it will be a spin-off for both?

We've asked Bandai Namco for comment and will update should we find out more.

The last Katamari title was the 2012 Vita entry Touch My Katamari.