I Love Katamari

Keita Takahashi: Why I left Namco

"I didn't belong there any more."

Katamary Damacy and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi has for the first time explained his decision to quit publisher Namco Bandai after 11 years working for the company.

Katamari was comment on consumerism

"I don't use drugs at all" - Takahashi.

At his talk at last week's Game Developers Conference, Namco Bandai's Keita Takahashi revealed that he intended his first game, cult hit Katamari Damacy, to be a comment on consumer culture.

iPhone Roundup

iPhone Roundup

Katamari, de Blob, Brothers In Arms, Guitar Rock Tour.

The iPhone's excellent App Store has been around for a few months now, and gaming's biggest names are starting to take an interest. Following our recent reviews of Super Monkey Ball and Bejeweled 2 (now discounted, incidentally), we thought we'd catch up and find out what else the big publishers have been serving up. Next time we'll bring you the latest on the best and most interesting in the indie scene, followed by the best freebies we've come across. But for now, here are some of the biggest and best mainstream games available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

I Love Katamari

Publisher: Namco-Bandai

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I Love Katamari released for iPhone

Fully 3D, tilt-controlled.

Coming out of nowhere to the iTunes store is an iPhone version of cult favourite Katamari Damacy for USD 7.99, called I Love Katamari.