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Don't get too excited about the new Katamari that's out today


Hey, there's a new Katamari game out today in the UK! But...

Yeah, you already know the punchline. Tap My Katamari is a mobile game that takes the vibrant characters and universe created by Keita Takahashi way back in 2004 (!) and wears it like a shabby skin for a mobile clicker game that's deathly dull. You tap on the screen to roll a Katamari across a level plain, slowly making it bigger, speeding up the process via handy micro transactions and... There's really very little to it, and absolutely none of the joy that made earlier Katamari games such a treat. Still, the music is great.

How strange that Katamari has stumbled on well after Takahashi said farewell to the series after the second game in 2005. He's gone on to do some sterling work, including the exceptional Noby Noby Boy and Tenya Wanya Teens. This year we'll see his most high-profile game in quite a while with Wattam, which is due out on PlayStation 4 any time soon.

After only 30 minutes in the presence of the fairly miserable Tap My Katamari I've already deleted it from my phone. I have, though, spent the afternoon listening to the original soundtrack - so thanks for the reminder of this once great series, Tap My Katamari.

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