Me & My Katamari

Bandai Namco files trademark for Tap My Katamari

UPDATE: Spin-off confirmed for iOS and Android.

Katamari Damacy creator making Glitch

Takahashi back in the game with an MMO.

What is Katamari amore?

Trademarks suggest series return.

Keita Takahashi: Why I left Namco

"I didn't belong there any more."

Katamari was comment on consumerism

"I don't use drugs at all" - Takahashi.

Katamari creator not keen on Wii

Or doing inevitable KD sequels.

Me & My Katamari

The Prince rolls onto PSP.

Namco says We Kill Katamari

No more, says website.

Me & My Katamari

My my my.

Katamari PSP bonus details

Which we won't spoil out here. Plus: a noisy link!

Katamari coming to PSP

Yes! Europe's getting it too!

Katamari PSP pre-order fun

Japan gets the Prince's head!