Me & My Katamari

Keita Takahashi: Why I left Namco

"I didn't belong there any more."

Katamary Damacy and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi has for the first time explained his decision to quit publisher Namco Bandai after 11 years working for the company.

Katamari was comment on consumerism

"I don't use drugs at all" - Takahashi.

At his talk at last week's Game Developers Conference, Namco Bandai's Keita Takahashi revealed that he intended his first game, cult hit Katamari Damacy, to be a comment on consumer culture.

Katamari creator not keen on Wii

Or doing inevitable KD sequels.

Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi has revealed that he's not too excited about the Nintendo Wii, on account of it having a funny controller.

Me & My Katamari

Me & My Katamari

The Prince rolls onto PSP.

Everyone loves Katamari. That is to say, everyone who's played the PS2 games - Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari - seems to love them. To bits. And that includes us, so we had high hopes for the first PSP instalment in the series. Unfortunately, since we started playing it, our hopes have been - well, not quite dashed exactly, but sort of rolled down a hill and smashed into a giant barking dog so hard that some of the bits have come off. If you love Katamari, you'll know what we're on about.

You'll also be familiar of the basic principle of the game, which is this: playing as a little green fellow known as the Prince, it's your job to roll a giant sticky ball round all manner of environments, picking up all manner of objects. To start off with, that'll mean small things (drawing pins, flowers, biscuits etc.), but as the size of the Katamari increases, so will the size of the objects it's capable of picking up (whales, skyscrapers, the actual SUN and so on).

In Me & My Katamari, the basic principle is the same. But this time, you're tasked with creating a series of islands for a load of animals, whose tropical home has been destroyed by a giant tidal wave. And the best way to do this, obviously, is by creating a load of big fat katamaris into the sea.

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Namco says We Kill Katamari

No more, says website.

Namco has put paid to speculation about a new Katamari Damacy game by, er, dissolving the development team and declaring that it won't be making any more.

Me & My Katamari

My my my.

There are those who regard my import shopping habits with suspicion. They've probably got a point; I'm pretty excitable. For every Phoenix Wright or Ouendan there's a Lunar Genesis. I buy Ridge Racer games even when they're obviously rubbish. Sometimes I buy Japanese RPGs and can't even get off level one. I'd probably buy magic beans from you if they came in a DS box.

Katamari PSP bonus details

Katamari PSP bonus details

Which we won't spoil out here. Plus: a noisy link!

The PSP version of Katamari Damacy includes a 2d side-scrolling mini-game version as a bonus, according to Famitsu.

The Me & My Katamari mini-game features graphics done up (or rather down) to resemble an 8-bit 2d game, although the idea remains the same - create a katamari by rolling it around.

Good news, then, for those of you hunting it down when it comes out in Japan this week on December 22nd.

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Katamari coming to PSP

Yes! Europe's getting it too!

Namco and Electronic Arts have announced plans to bring the new PSP instalment in the Katamari Damacy series to Europe.

Katamari PSP pre-order fun

Japan gets the Prince's head!

Japanese people pre-ordering My My Katamari, the PSP version of Namco's roll-everything-('em-)up, which is due out on December 22nd, will receive one of the coolest little freebies we've seen since that one time we were in Amsterdam and the sign wasn't very clear but we had a good time anyway following our initial surprise and alarm: it's a slip-case for the PSP in the shape of the Prince's head!