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State of Emergency 2 due in Q4

Playlogic to publish on PS2.

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Speaking at the Leipzig Game Convention this week, Playlogic Entertainment revealed that it had signed a worldwide publishing agreement with DC Studios for State of Emergency 2 on PlayStation 2 in Q4 2005.

The follow-up to the Rockstar-published State of Emergency, which rode the wave of Grand Theft Auto III's success and sold 1.6 million copies despite a number of critical reviews, reunites players with anarchistic anti-heroes Spanky, Bull and MacNeill as they once again go up against the Corporation.

The idea is to cause mayhem using all sorts of means, including helicopters, speedboats, Tanks and APCs, along with new team members. There's a one-player story mode, which sees the game's heroes trying to overcome the Corporation that attempts to subdue them with a mind control drug, as well as challenge modes and split-screen multiplayer.

SOE2 hasn't always been a DC property though - the original was developed by VIS Entertainment, but the collapse of VIS lead to the game being snapped up by DC Studios in April of this year.

It had been in development for multiple platforms, but Playlogic's release only concerns a PS2 SKU.

Mark Greenshields, CEO of DC Studios, said: "I am very pleased to have agreed to publish State of Emergency 2 with Playlogic. Their ambition and plans for the game fit exactly where we want it to go and I am confident that with them behind SOE2, it will be a huge success."

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