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GoW dev's blog reveals all

Jaffe working on PSP title.

David Jaffe, creator of top PS2 action adventure God of War, has confirmed that he's currently working on a new game for PSP.

An entry on Jaffe's blog reveals he's developing the game concept with Incognito, the studio behind Downhill Domination, War of the Monsters and Twisted Metal: Black.

"We (myself and Scott at Incog) are fleshing out our key 5-10 ideas and then we plan on taking those 'on the road' to focus test the concepts," Jaffe wrote.

"The goal is to get them all fleshed out and tested by mid-August."

An earlier entry states that Jaffe has already worked with the studio three or four games and is "eager to jump back into the 'bluesky' phase with them. I've had lots of ideas over the break and I know they've got some stuff they are jazzed about as well.

"So the first month or so - as we lock the concept - should be really fun."

The news should come as a relief to fans who have been following Jaffe's blog - not long ago he wrote that developing God of War had proved such a strain that he was considering leaving the games industry all together. Glad you changed your mind, sir...

More news on Jaffe's PSP title as soon as we get it.