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The Warriors: first screenshots

It's GTA meets Manhunt - from the people who made both! And now some pics have come out to play-i-ay...

Thanks to the mighty success of San Andreas, it often feels like there's not a publisher out there these days who hasn't got a third-person gangland adventure on the go. But there's one such title we're really looking forward to, and not least because it's being brought to us by your actual Rockstar.

And now the first Warriors pics have been released. Some people running a Warriors movie fansite have scanned 'em in (which is good cos we wouldn't), and you can take a look here.

The Warriors is based on Walter Hill's classic 1979 film, which follows the adventures of a New York gang trying to survive on the city streets. They've been wrongly accused of killing a rival gang leader named Cyrus (no relation to Billy Ray), and must make it all the way from the Upper Bronx to Coney Island without getting decked.

Which isn't an easy task, since every other gang from the five boroughs is out to get them. There are gangs on rollerskates, gangs who are girls, gangs dressed as mimes (oh, the joy of watching them get brocked) - in total, an army of 100,000 badass futhamuckas who fancy a fight and don't care who knows it.

As the pics confirm, the game is looking like a cross between GTA and Manhunt, with some top seventies haircuts thrown in. There were rumours that it might be a tie-in with the forthcoming movie remake, but judging by the shots it's based on the original and all our favourite characters will be making an appearance. Expect lots of fighting, swearing and riding the "subway", all accompanied by a super-cool soundtrack. Can't wait.

The Warriors is due out on PS2 later this year.