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The Warriors producer speaks in new trailer

With lots of game footage too.

Those of you who enjoyed our coverage of The Warriors earlier this week might want to check out a new trailer featuring producer Jeronimo Barrera talking about various aspects of the game and how it was put together.

We also have some new screenshots for you to check out.

It lasts just over two and a half minutes and intersperses footage of Barrera discussing the game with shots of in-game action - including the in-game remake of the pivotal Cyrus scene, which set up the film and which developer Rockstar Toronto is including as a centrepiece.

Barrera talks about the film's background, cult attraction, the way it influenced things after release and how he believes the game will stand on its own regardless of whether people have seen the late-70s flick.

He goes on to discuss the over the top combat, of which plenty is evident, and even delves into a few specifics about the missions you'll undertake.

Finally there's talk of the research that went into recreating key areas of New York for use in the game, and the trailer concludes with Barrera insisting that if you like Rockstar games so far, you'll love this one.

We'll let you be the judge. The trailer's available in Windows Media and low and high quality QuickTime flavours.

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The Warriors

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