The Warriors


New Warriors game coming to XBLA

Nothing to do with Rockstar, though.

Review | The Warriors

The social problems of the urban 1970s laid bare.

Warriors lining up for PSP

You can dig it this Christmas.

New Warriors game coming to XBLA

Nothing to do with Rockstar, though.

Review | The Warriors

The social problems of the urban 1970s laid bare.

Warriors lining up for PSP

You can dig it this Christmas.

Cyrus sues Take-Two

The Warriors one, not Billy-Ray.

Review | The Warriors

Do we wanna be in their gang? Oh yeah.

Take-Two VP takes on critics

Warriors not for 'idiot savants'.

The Warriors

We go hands-on with Rockstar's new brawler.

The Warriors

New details of Rockstar's latest gangbanger.

New Warriors trailer released

On the new official site.

The Warriors producer speaks in new trailer

With lots of game footage too.

Feature | The Warriors

Ellie and Tom throw on leather and punch through Rockstar's latest.

New Warriors trailer

Now on Eurofiles.

The Warriors: first screenshots

It's GTA meets Manhunt - from the people who made both! And now some pics have come out to play-i-ay...

The Warriors: first details

"I'm gonna shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle."

Red Dead and The Warriors delayed, while GTA: San Andreas could miss E3

Publisher revises forecasts downwards, CEO resigns, and key games slip.