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PS3 e-Dist games list?

To, er, go with the flOw.

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An enterprising young person by the name of Elder on seems to have got his hands on a lot of the press bumf due to emerge at Sony's US Gamers Day event later this week - most notably giving us a better idea of what's likely to be released through the PlayStation 3's e-Distribution service.

Games listed as first party (with screenshots, some preserved on other forums) include Blast Factor, a 1080p shoot-'em-up with self-adjusting difficulty and global rankings, which uses the tilt function of the SIXAXIS controller to help push enemies around the play area and is reportedly in development at Bluepoint Games.

Others on the list are flOw, which was shown off at the Tokyo Game Show (catch up with our impressions elsewhere), Go Sudoku (complete with multiplayer mode), something called Swizzleblocks, Lemmings 2 (apparently a new game and not a port) and one called Criminal Crackdown. Sony hasn't released any previous details on these games, or confirmed anything on the list beyond flOw, we might add, but adding to the veracity of Elder's post were a number of new assets for existing PS3 games like Untold Legends and Full Auto 2.

Third-party e-Distribution games mentioned, meanwhile, included what sound like PlayStation Portable ports - GripShift (an unappreciated little PSP title we rather liked) and "Crash Carnage Ciaos". On the latter, most assumed the last word was a typo for "Chaos" but it also seems possible that the whole thing is a slight twist on Sony Online Entertainment's "Cash Money Chaos". Either way, we'll find out whether those are legit, along with the final, Wheel of Fortune game also mentioned, when Sony's Gamers Day concludes tomorrow...

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